Over 45 years ago, our founders sought to plan and develop an educational community that was biblically faithful, striving to critique every aspect of curriculum and culture through a biblical lens.
Melissa Brown, Principal

Parent partnership has always been and will always be a core value of our school.

We believe the Bible makes it clear that children are a gift from God, entrusted into families to be loved, nurtured, and trained in righteousness, to live for God’s glory.

Your involvement as a parent is key in maintaining this Christ-centred, thriving educational community, and it is our privilege to partner with you in this task.

Christ at the centre of our partnership

As we strive to keep Christ at the centre of all we do, we seek to work together in a positive, prayerful, and respectful partnership. This is what will give our children the very best opportunity to identify, develop and use the gifts and abilities that God has given them for his glory. We do this recognising that schools can be complex places and that we don’t always get it right. We are thankful for open communication and willingness to continue to work together towards a positive outcome when this does happen.

Having school and home working closely together gives children security and a safe place to learn. It is wonderful for our children and young people to know that even when they are going through tough times, that family and school will be there to support and encourage them throughout their journey. Our priority is not simply for the academic success of our students, but their overall wellbeing, and especially their faith journey in response to the gospel. Please know we are praying for your children in this area particularly.

Positive wellbeing through partnership

In the early years of our school, parent partnership had a very practical flavour. There were weekend cleaning rosters for the classrooms and toilets and entire buildings were built by parents! Opportunities for parents to be involved looks a little different today. The lives of our families are much busier, however there are still so many wonderful ways for parents to be involved. From working bees and classroom help, to coaching sport, praying with the Prayer Group, and being on the Association, we still deeply value the partnership of parents. A positive and prayerful home/school partnership continues to have a huge impact on your child’s learning outcomes and their wellbeing.

Thank you so much for your ongoing partnership and let’s together pray for the next 45 (and more) years of faithful Christian education for our children and for God's glory.

Melissa Brown

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