For the second consecutive year, students from žž Christian School are preparing to represent Australia at the Future Problem Solving International Conference in the United States. These students have delved deep into real-world issues—environmental, economic, and cultural—and are equipped not only to understand these challenges but also to devise solutions for them.

Future Problem Solving enables our students to confront pressing global issues head-on. Our students cultivate the ability to think creatively and critically, preparing them for the complex challenges that lie ahead for their generation.

Learning in a Christian school that is guided by the principles of faith, servanthood and stewardship helps our students frame their thinking around these topics in an ethical and compassionate manner, providing practical application of žž’s school motto, ‘All knowledge through Christ’.
Amanda Drain, coach and Coordinator of Extension and Enrichment

This year's team, Suzannah B, Archie C, Lexi dM, Megyn J and Sarah-Claire O secured their place in the international arena by clinching the top spot at the National level competition held last year in Brisbane, after studying the topic 'Throw-Away Society', where their team constructed a Return and Earn program to deal with fast fashion. They are now eagerly waiting for the International topic to be released, before heading to the University of Indiana in June. We wish them the best of luck.

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